What are Continuation Bet in Texas Holdem Poker?

Anyone who has played Texas Holdem will be familiar with C-Bet

C-Bet literally means continuous bet, and in layman’s terms, it is a means to keep pressure on our opponents when we are the range leader or attacker pre-flop, with the range laggard or defender going into the flop.

The main reason why post-flop C-Bet is effective is because, both our opponents and us have a high probability of missing the flop after the flop, and with unequal information between the two sides, the one who takes the initiative can effectively take down the bottom pot by continuing to attack. Because of this, as the attacking side, you can use the pre-flop range advantage to C-Bet based on the flop, while as the defending side, it is difficult to defend against the attacking side’s C-Bet because of the range disadvantage and the probability of missing the flop.

The effectiveness of the attacker’s C-Bet depends on 3 main aspects. The flop, the frequency of C-Bet, and the amount of bets made.

The flop

There are 2 main types of flop, dry and wet.

Texas Holdem Poker TipsThe dry side

The dry side refers to a flop with little continuity, such as K82o, Q73o, A44s. The success rate of making consistent bets on such a flop is very high, mainly because the attacker has many combinations of A,K,Q,J in his range, and the opponent has very few combinations that can lead us on such a dry flop. Even if the opponent hits the top pair, it is usually very difficult to defend against a multi-street attack.

Texas Holdem Poker TipsThe wet side

The wet side refers to a flop with very strong continuity, such as 89Jo,9TQ with a draw, and 2TQ flush side. On the wet side, our C-Bet will not be as effective in taking down the bottom pot, mainly because our opponents have too many draw combinations on the wet side, or are in a position where they are either ahead or behind, and it is difficult for our C-Bet to show a strong completed hand or a strong draw.

The frequency of C-Bet

The second aspect of whether a C-Bet is effective is the frequency of the C-Bet. Normally we should keep the frequency of C-Bet at 60-70% in order to ensure that losses and profits remain even through C-Bet after hitting and missing the flop, and as the level of play increases, the frequency of C-Bet will drop to 55-65% considering the player pool’s increased understanding of the game and more careful observation of the data. Once the frequency of C-Bet is too high, it will be difficult for your opponents to be convinced of your actions.

The amount of bets made

The C-Bet betting scale has changed the most in recent years, with players gradually starting to think about the optimal betting strategy, taking value and bluffing while also thinking about how to keep a balance between value bets and bluffs. This trend is becoming more and more apparent as you move up in level, and players can consider the most appropriate C-Bet scale for their level. For example, if you are at the micro level, you can bet on value without thinking about the balance because recreational players at this level do not think about the range when you bet, while if you are at the low to mid level, you are bound to start thinking about how to go about taking more thin value, while at higher levels, where players have a deeper understanding of the game and the game between the levels of thinking is intense, the purpose of the C-Bet is more about narrowing the opponents The aim of C-Bet is more to build a balanced range between value and bluffing while narrowing the range of opponents.

Relatively speaking, the C-Bet option on the flop circle is relatively easy to make, and what factors need to be considered when we need to go for a second blocking bet. In fact, there are now many software on the market that focus on solving the most decisions on each street, and players who are in a position to do so, please try to purchase them. If you feel that the content of these software is difficult to learn, there is actually an easier way to learn, and this learning method can be practiced anywhere.

Training methods

Let’s take an example. Suppose we open the pot with a UTG raise, the BB guards the blind to call, and the flop J86. At this point you can ask yourself if we give a range with our opponents after we make a C-Bet called on the flop circle, and then consider which turn cards are suitable for us to continue to make a second street-blocking bet and which are not.

This method is currently a common training method for students in some foreign training institutions, and practicing it every day will greatly improve your understanding of Texas, and the results are remarkable. After clearly understanding which flop and turn cards are suitable for C-Bet, all you need to learn is the betting scale and the construction of a balanced betting range.

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